Handmade wooden baths and more.....

The wooden bath

The bath is completely made of wood and feels good and natural to the skin. The high insulation keeps the water warm for a longer time. It is made out of solid wood and various layers bent and glued plywood, finished with a very hard epoxy resin.

Due to the perfect finishing the bath is very user-friendly and easy to clean.

The workshop

The studio is located in the former stables of the adjacent former Mennonite Church.

(Now known as De Kleine Antonius”). In early days the horses of the worshipers were stabled here. It is now a small craft workshop.

Limited edition

Limited edition

Baths of Bois-Bain are limited editions. Of each model will be no more than 50 pieces made. The wood type and colour can be different from other models with the same shape.

Each of our Bois-Bain baths will hold a "Zingende Zaag” (the singing saw) nameplate. The number on this plate indicates which bath you have. Of each bath the data will be recorded, such as which type of wood the bath is created from. This data will also include an image of this typical bath.

Exclusive design

The bath has been designed by Dick Stukkien.

Bois-Bain-baths are exclusive furniture especially designed for the bathroom with extra sense of atmosphere and style. The Bois-Bain baths are made by "Atelier De Zingende Zaag”.

The limited edition assures you that you have purchased a special and unique bath. The bath can be executed in a variety of woods, to make colour and atmosphere appeal to your wishes. After a personal introduction the bath will be exclusively made for you.